We Offer Several Exciting Sponsorship Opportunities

Rowbust is a registered charitable organization (reg #862122199RR0001) relying exclusively on the generosity of the community.  Your support will aid in the process of achieving our objectives for the coming year.

Please consider our request for sponsorship and jump on board with Rowbust!

2018 Opportunity - Florence, Italy ~AND~ Szeged, Hungary!

In 2014, Rowbust traveled to Ravenna, Italy for the Club Crew World Championships (CCWC) where we paddled to GOLD in all of our events; the 250 metre, 500 metre, and of course our favourite, the 2K!  We returned to the CCWC in Australia in 2016 and defended our title to become TWO TIME  BCS World Champions!

In 2018 we will travel to Florence, Italy for the IBCPC Participatory Festival of ALL BREAST CANCER Survivor Dragon Boaters from AROUND THE GLOBE!


 Annual Rowbust Charitable Golf Tournament - click the 2017 Golf Tournmament tab to learn more

Fanshawe Dragon Boat Festival - go to to learn more